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‘Dungeon Park Heroes’ Will Combine ‘Minesweeper’ with Pen and Paper RPG Systems, Coming September 7th

Italian developer Chestnut Games have announced their latest project for mobile and they’re doing that thing I love so much where they take a well-worn game concept and add in RPG elements to create something fresh. In this case they’re taking the classic tile-uncovering gameplay of Minesweeper and injecting pen and paper style RPG dungeon crawling elements for a game they’re calling Dungeon Park Heroes. Inspired by Steve Jackson’s (the American Steve Jackson, not the British Steve Jackson who co-founded Games Workshop) silly card game Munchkins, Dungeon Park Heroes does not appear to take itself too seriously. You’ll roam around dungeons uncovering tiles in Minesweeper fashion and discovering loot, battling enemies, and generally doing dungeon crawl-y stuff. Check it out.

In terms of features in Dungeon Park Heroes, you can expect 6 different playable classes, 45 hand-crafted levels, 30 items to unlock and purchase, and “dozens of gameplay elements like traps, treasures, magic items, monsters, that fantasy stuff, you know?" Straight from the developer’s mouth, folks! The game will be coming to both iOS and Android and because it’s built in Unity a Steam desktop port isn’t out of the question either. The release date for the mobile version of Dungeon Park Heroes is set for September 7th, and I like the look of this one so much I can’t wait to get my hands on it next month.