‘Clash Royale’ Getting New Game Mode, Probably Getting Daily Tasks Too

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Clash Royale (Free) developers have been doing Q&As recently, and the latest one offered some intriguing hints at future features and changes to the game. The first feature that’s coming probably in the next update—which should be coming around early October— is daily tasks, which is a feature that should have been in the game a long time ago. Daily tasks are great at making me care about playing daily and, of course, are a great source of rewards. The developers pointed out that most of the team is on summer vacations (I’ve heard that phrase before but not sure what it means anymore), so don’t expect this feature to land before October. Clash Royale will also probably be getting additional ways of adding friends to the game, ones that don’t rely on external links to do the job.

The most intriguing news is that the developers are playtesting a “really coll new game mode," and it looks like it’s going to be part of the next update. They won’t reveal any more on the new mode, and it definitely isn’t a bracketed tournament system (which won’t be coming in the next update but might make it in the future). As for the much-discussed 2v2 mode, Supercell isn’t planning on adding leaderboards or trophies to it at the moment, but those might come in the future. They want to keep the 2v2 mode “stress free," but they are still unsure of whether they’ll revisit that in the future. And lastly, they are considering ways of improving tournaments, but those changes won’t be coming in the October update.

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