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‘Rainbow Tail’ Wants to Be ‘Candy Crush’ Plus ‘Pokemon’ and Is Looking for Testers

The developers of Rainbow Tail have a proposition for you: if you’re bored with Candy Crush Saga, you should check out Rainbow Tail instead. This game tries to blend Candy Crush with Pokemon-like mechanics and dress it up in cute art. The game’s creatures are called Gemlings, and you can collect, train, and evolve them. There’s already hundreds of them, and more are planned to release each month. The game offers single player campaign with branching chapters and side quests, so it should feel more like an RPG than a simple match-3.

Rainbow Tail looks fun, although the Gemlings might look a bit too much like Pokemon. If you’re interested in checking the game out and helping the developers perfect it, head over here to sign up for the Beta. Expect the game to release Fall of 2017.