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‘kubrain’ is a Unique Gravity-Based Matching Game from ‘hocus.’ Developer, Coming August 10th

Developer has released a number of unique, minimalist puzzle games on mobile such as the ultra popular hocus. ($0.99), its follow-up pocus. ($0.99), and voi ($0.99). Their latest game follows those same principles of interesting mechanics and clean aesthetics and is actually the result of the 2017 Stugan accelerator program. It’s called kubrain and it is a matching game at heart but with the very unique twist of having the playfield be a three dimensional cube. Colored blocks roll into the cubes from the sides and you can swipe to change the direction of the cube which is crucial for changing the location of the blocks inside so that you can make matches with the incoming blocks. Gravity is also in play as the blocks will always fall towards the bottom of the cube after you change its position. It’s tricky to explain but easy to understand when you watch the trailer.

It’s not often that you come across a match-3 game that does something that feels truly different, but I can’t recall anything released in the App Store over the years that looks quite like kubrain. Given the high quality of’s previous puzzle games there’s every reason to be excited for this one. The fact that it was developed while spending two months in the gorgeous Swedish countryside is pretty cool too. No pricing has been announced yet but based on their previous releases I’d guess this will be in the one or two dollar range. Look for kubrain when it arrives in a couple of weeks on August 10th.