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A Launch Trailer for ‘Miracle Merchant’ Has Been Revealed, Ahead of Its Release on August 3rd

If you had to ask me who my favorite mobile developer of the past few years was, I’m sure that Tinytouchtales would feature towards the very top of the list. Both Card Crawl ($4.99) and Card Thief ($2.99) were brilliant, and managed to take something that I’d describe as mundane as card game elements and turn it into exciting role-playing games. Miracle Merchant, their next upcoming project, looks to be no exception. Featuring an eccentric premise combining card-based ingredients to make potions for an eclectic crowd of customers, Miracle Merchant is an amusing take on the successful formula from Tinytouchtales’s previous releases, and is set to launch on the App Store on August 3rd.

To compliment the belated announcement of a release date for Miracle Merchant – the game has technically been in development in various forms since September of 2016 – a new launch trailer has been revealed for the game, and showcases some more of the beautifully hand-drawn cards and characters within the game. One day, if the iOS community can help make Card Crawl, Card Thief and Miracle Merchant take off into the stratosphere, I’d love to see some story books detailing the adventures of the quirky personalities within the games, as the graphical style would suit the medium to a tee. Without wanting to get carried away, Miracle Merchant will almost certainly be another success for such a prolific developer, and August 3rd will definitely be a day to mark in the calendars of any card game fans on the App Store. Until then, for more news and information on Miracle Merchant on the lead-up to its release, play your cards right and take a look at our forum thread.