‘Moggles’ Is a New Foldable Mobile VR Headset That Promises to Be Truly Portable

In theory, mobile Virtual Reality headsets should be the perfect compromise between accessibility and immersion. The low cost of entry coupled with the fact literally everyone has a smartphone in 2017 means that mobile VR headsets should be far more commonplace than they currently are. However, a combination of not enough developer support and bulky, unwieldy designs have proved a stumbling block for the emerging new technology, even compared to its moderately successful console equivalents such as the Oculus Rift and PSVR. That being said, a Swedish startup is determined to tackle the latter problem with Moggles, a brand new headset that puts the portability back into mobile VR headsets. With a lightweight design and easily foldable ‘mobile goggles’, Moggles is a promising and affordable alternative, and is available to order for 66.24€ (around $75) on their website.

While Moggles does go some way to solving the problem of portability for mobile VR headsets, there is still the question of the utility for such devices in real world scenarios. The aforementioned console Virtual Reality devices are normally rooted to powerful consoles or PCs and, as a result, can provide truly immersive and expansive experiences that simply won’t be possible on a smartphone-powered device. However, being able to easily take Moggles on a train or a long plane ride without the bulk of something such as the Gear VR could be legitimately appealing to many. Whether Moggles will cause a sudden surge of interest in mobile VR is still to be seen, although this is certainly a step in the right direction if the technology wants to seriously break out into the mainstream.