Latest Game in the ‘Professor Layton’ Series ‘Layton’s Mystery Journey’ Hits the App Store

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As promised, Level-5 have delivered a brand new entry in the popular Professor Layton puzzler series called Layton’s Mystery Journey ($15.99) to the App Store. This adventure is the seventh game in the main Professor Layton series and it follows Katrielle Layton, the daughter of the titular Professor Layton. He has suddenly gone missing and it’s up to Katrielle to figure out the mystery of what happened to him by way of traveling around famous London landmarks, interacting with colorful characters, solving puzzles, and generally doing Layton-y type things.

The arrival of Layton’s Mystery Journey on iOS is significant for a couple of reasons. First off, it’s actually debuting on mobile ahead of the 3DS version’s arrival outside of Japan which is set for later this year. It’s not often mobile gets first dibs on a major release like this. Second, the pricing scheme of Layton’s Mystery Journey is far from the norm for mobile. The game is $15.99 initially, and there are 15 additional costumes that can be purchased as IAP for $1.99 each or for a bit cheaper as two bundles. Each costume also contains a bonus puzzle outside the scope of the main game. If you buy both bundles plus add in the original price tag, it puts it at the same cost as the 3DS version of the game, about $40.

I’m sure some peoples’ eyeballs are popping through their screens at that, but this is a full-fledged new entry in a major gaming series, not some spinoff or watered down experience. I think it’s pretty awesome Level-5 is keeping pricing parity between the versions, and in fact it’s giving mobile gamers additional options by being able to buy things piecemeal (or not at all!) if they choose. That said, people will almost definitely be complaining about the pricing of Layton’s Mystery Journey, so prepare your blast shields for that. For those who aren’t opposed to dropping a little coin on a high-quality new game, check out Layton’s Mystery Journey and leave your impressions in the game’s forum thread and we’ll have more to say about the game in the near future.

Note: It seems like Level-5 is using different app IDs for the different versions of the game around the world, so if you’re not in the US and the link below doesn’t get you to the game try finding it through Level-5’s App Store page.

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