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Devious Party Game ‘Triple Agent’ Set to Release July 20th on the App Store

While there are a few exceptions, tabletop games generally fail to captivate me in the same manner as actual video games on devices such as the iPhone and iPad. However, Werewolf, Mafia and all the derivations of the party group game formula that result in you deceiving those closest to you and severing all life-long friendships always go down brilliantly with lots of people, even if the multitude of elements can lead to some sessions going somewhat off the rails. The upcoming Triple Agent aims to address this age-old issue, as developer Tasty Rook has married the exciting formula from the aforementioned party games to create a rather impressive looking product. I can’t wait to show Triple Agent to my Werewolf obsessed friends, and the developers have today announced that the game will launch on the App Store for free on July 20th.

Despite the fact that Triple Agent is effectively a multiplayer-only title, and the actual app only really acts as a facilitator for the action that will take place within the game, the amount of thought and care that the developers have put into the interface is really impressive. The clean color scheme in combination with the stylish font and logo design really give off the classic secret service vibe, and the addition of clever features such as saboteurs being able to switch teams mid game creates a whole new level of depth in Triple Agent. A $2.99 expansion pack titled ‘Deep Cover’ will also bring a new mode with special hidden roles, more operations, and support for up to nine players, which is extremely reasonable considering the base game is free to download at launch. It’s not a trick when I say party game fans should definitely keep an eye out for Triple Agent when it launches on the App Store on July 20th.