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‘Sailcraft’ Will Add Customizable Ships to the Classic ‘Battleship’ Recipe

I remember playing Battleship when I was a kid and always getting bored very quickly, and perhaps that’s what the developers of the upcoming Sailcraft felt too, which might be why they’ve decided to add some interesting new ingredients to the classic formula. While the game is still all about trying to guess where your opponent’s ships are, it also adds customizable ships, which will add another strategy layer to the game. There are different types of ships—alien starships, dwarf submarines, and more—and you can combine them in different ways and use different formations in an effort to beat your opponent.

The game will also have you building your own kingdom and fighting with friends to test different fleet setups. And you can also go back and watch battles to see why you were humiliated that badly. Sailcraft will also have leagues that you can compete in and plenty of other opportunities for 1v1 battleship-blowing action. The game is releasing worldwide in August for both iOS and Android.