‘Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition’ Hits the App Store

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You’d think that with the popularity of Street Fighter and the success their previous mobile entries have seen that Capcom would have released a new game in the last five years, but unfortunately you’d be wrong. And the Street Fighter games that they have released have been withering away on the App Store in desperate need of updating to bring them up to modern standards. Well, it took a really long time but Capcom finally addressed the problem this past May when they announced Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition ($4.99). Featuring support for larger screens and sporting improved visuals, Champion Edition also brings 3 new fighters into the fray, with 6 more planned for future updates. And finally, it features support for MFi controllers! While Champion Edition was scheduled to release last week, a glitch with the Apple submission prevented it from releasing, delaying it until sometime this week. Well eager Street Fighters, that time is finally here as Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition has just hit the App Store.

While all of these new features are incredibly welcome, Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition is also a bit odd in that it’s built off of the foundation of the previous Street Fighter IV mobile games, which are the better part of a decade old now. This certainly isn’t the most graphically impressive game on the App Store. That said, I can’t imagine what Capcom would have to charge if they built a brand new Street Fighter mobile game from scratch, and there’s definitely a certain charm to Champion Edition’s look. Basically this is more or less me paying a fiver to have all of my update wishes fulfilled for Street Fighter IV: Volt, and I’m totally OK with that. We’ll have a full review of Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition up very soon, but if you enjoyed the previous entries then I can guarantee you’ll like this one too, and you can find out what others are saying about this one in our forums.

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