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Endless Racing Game ‘Super Scoot’ Soft Launched in Canada

There’s no dearth of endless runners on the App Store, but there are some games, like the just soft-launched Super Scoot, that try to add a wrinkle here and there to stick out from the rest. As we talked about a few months back when we first wrote about it, Super Scoot adds some crazy power-ups to the game that change the way you play. For instance, instead of having you just run and jump, it lets you wield a huge hammer and smash everything in front of you or even spray bullets from above to take out all the obstacles in your way.

The various power-ups and the fun visuals could make for a fun endless racing game, and you can check it out for yourself if you have a Canadian account. If the soft launch goes as planned, the developers will release the game worldwide on August 3rd. In the meantime, hop over to our forum thread to talk more about the game.