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‘Sidewords’ Is a Relaxing Blend of Puzzle and Word Game Coming July 18th

If you like games you can play to relax rather than stress, Sidewords might be just the thing for you. This upcoming game blends puzzle and word mechanics and offers a ton of puzzles of all levels of difficulty. The developer, Milkbag Games of Disco Zoo, designed the game to have no timers or penalties so it would feel like your morning newspaper word puzzle. That way, you can explore the game’s puzzles at your own pace. You can change the color scheme to fit your mood (or the time of day) and try and solve as many puzzles as you’re in the mood for.

The game will be a premium app that will cost $2.99 and will have no IAPs or ads at all, since that would break the mood the developers want to create. The game is coming out July 18th, so keep an eye out for Sidewords if you’re looking for a chill puzzle/word game.