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Award-Winning ‘7 Wonders’ Looking for Beta Testers, Again

Around two years ago (almost to the day), we wrote about 7 Wonders looking for beta testers, but apparently that all thing went pear-shaped and development has continued over these last two years. Apparently, as the good people over at Boardgamegeek have discovered, the game is asking for closed beta testers once more, so hopefully this means that the game is actually coming at some point in the (maybe near?) future. If you want to apply for the beta and you have an iPad (sorry, doesn’t look like it’s coming to your phone at the moment), head over here and sign up. The beta starts next month, but I expect the spaces to fill very, very fast.

7 Wonders, in case you don’t know much about it, is a highly regarded card-drafting game by Antoine Bauza played using three decks of cards that feature commercial activity, ancient civilizations, and military conflicts. It has won a ton of awards, including the 2011 Kennerspiel des Jahres. Let’s all hope we finally see the 8th Wonder of the world, which will be the game finally releasing.