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‘Siege: Titan Wars’ Hopes to Add Massive Armies to ‘Clash Royale’ Recipe

Clash Royale has been inspiring other developers to bring real-time midcore strategy games onto the App Store, and is has inspired Simultronics’ upcoming Siege: Titan Wars as well. As the developers point out in our Upcoming Games forum thread, they wanted to make something that builds on the core concepts of Clash Royale but sets itself apart in a few ways. One is the more classic fantasy style, but, more importantly, is the way Siege has you deploying big group of troops rather than individual units. Those armies are often led by Titans, which I’m sure will easily sweep those puny little soldiers to the side.

The game is currently in soft launch, which you can download from here if you have an account in those stores. Global launch should be coming soon, and hopefully Siege: Titan Wars will offer a fun take on the Clash Royale formula.