‘This War of Mine’ Anniversary Update Adds New Characters, Locations, and a New Ending

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This War of Mine ($1.99), or as I like to call it the depression simulator, is a fantastic game that has continued expanding ever since it released two years ago. After the update that added playable children to the mix—because, you know, the game needed even higher stakes—today the game received the 1.5 Anniversary Edition update in celebration of two years since the game’s global release. This new free DLC brings new characters to the game, new locations to explore, and—most importantly—a new ending that leads to a different outcome to the game. Who knows, maybe this time around you’ll manage to bring peace on earth.

If you haven’t had the chance to play this game, This War of Mine has you playing as civilians trapped in a warzone, and as you can imagine, you have to make one difficult decision after the other. While definitely not the happiest game in the world, This War of Mine forces you to look at war not from behind your gun sights but through the eyes of those having to live through the devastation.

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