‘Clash of Clans’ Builder Hall 6 Update Adding Night Witch and the Roaster

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We are getting closer to the release of Clash of Clans(Free) Builder Hall 6 update, and Supercell has started unveiling some of the features we’ll be getting. Most importantly, we are getting two new units: the Night Witch, which you can get when you upgrade Builder Barracks to Level 8, and the Roaster. The Night Witch does ranged attacks that hit both air and ground units, spawns bats that attack both ground and air units, and will spawn into a swarm of bats once it receives fatal damage. The Roaster is a great defense weapon against the Night Witch and shoots flames up to 7 tiles away in burst fire of 15 shots. At Level 6, it does 16 damage per shot, hits air and ground units, and does splash damage.

In addition to these two units, the update is adding a second Crusher and raising all defenses, traps, and walls up to Level 6 (minus the Spring Trap). There are other additions as well balancing changes—like the Clock Tower cooldown being reduced from 8 hours to 7 hours—and you can check all of it here.

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