How the Charming ‘Hidden Folks’ Art and Gameplay Was Made

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Hidden Folks ($4.99) is a lovely game that really feels made for touchscreens, and after adding more content to the game yesterday, its developers also posted a fun article on how the game’s art and gameplay was created. Apparently, every part of the game is hand-drawn and then scanned into sprite sheets. The developers used a pretty mediocre scanner for the project, and when they got a new one, they realized the art looked very different and had to go back to the low-budget scanner they initially had. The post goes on to talk about how the developers go about putting together each scene, organically growing each sub-area gradually while at the same time adding scripts to certain visuals to make them interactive.

During this phase, the developers try to make sure sub-areas are distinct enough to pop out and spread out enough to make the whole map engaging. The article goes on to talk about how the art is put together and animated—accompanied by plenty of visual. The blog post goes into even more detail, and it’s definitely worth reading if you like Hidden Folks or just like game and art design.


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