‘Shadowverse’ ‘Wonderland Dreams’ Is an Expansion Focused on Fables, Coming This Month

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The CCG Shadowverse (Free) continues to be quite popular, and its developers continue adding content at a steady pace. This time around, we are getting a new expansion called Wonderland Dreams, and as you can see in the trailer below, it’s all about fables and fairytales, with Alice leading the way and many others following suit. The expansion adds 104 new story-inspired cards, including cool Neutral deckbuilding options. The developers claim that the expansion will let you make new types of decks that should make the game feel fresh again. As is always the case, it remains to be seen whether those decks will be strong enough to stick around.

You can check out some of the new cards here, although keep in mind that their stats might change by the time the expansion releases. Speaking of release date, expect Wonderland Dreams to release at the end of the month.

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