PC RTS-Inspired ‘Planetstorm: Fallen Horizon’ Out Now

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Viscerin and Aykiro have announced the releasae of Planetstorm: Fallen Horizon (Free) on iOS and Android. The developers were heavily inspired by the golden age of real-time strategy games on PC when Command and Conquer and Starcraft ruled, and wanted to adapt that kind of experience to a modern mobile game. You pick sides between the Terrans or Alterians, choosing between raw power or superior technology, respectively. You will build your base to protect from assaults by hostile forces, while upping your resources and units. Then, you go on missions throughout the galaxy, utilizing familiar energy and troop systems from modern mobile strategy games, combined with some advanced control and weaponry options, to spread your faction’s dominance through the galaxy.

Planetstorm: Fallen Horizon isn’t quite as user-friendly starting out as most mobile strategy games, so I suggest paying attention to the tutorial. Or, just skip it entirely, as you can do, if you want to figure all this stuff out yourself. It’s a lot to dive into, but there’s some potential there. Check out Planetstorm: Fallen Horizon right now on iOS and Android.

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