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Umbrella Games Soft Launches ‘Crushy Bricks’ in Canada, With Several More Games on the Horizon

Umbrella Games is keeping the release train rolling all throughout the summer, but if you’re in Canada, summer has come early. Crushy Bricks has been soft launched in Canada. This puzzler has you swiping bricks out of a stack, trying to match 3 in a row, with levels that have different goals. Some levels require you to match a certain number of a particular color brick, others just require you to get high scores in a limited number of moves. This is a game that seems like it’s just going to keep throwing new tricks at you over time, so good luck with it.

This one launches worldwide July 6th, after Dash Legends hits on June 22nd. Umbrella’s got a couple more games in the works fir July. There’s Wicked Pixel on July 13th, and Shape Fix on July 27th.

Until then, you can get your Crushy Bricks on at the link below. And of course, check out our soft launch guide on how to download these region-locked releases.

Canadian iTunes Link: Crushy Bricks