‘Super Nano Jumpers’ is Like ‘Super Meat Boy’ Meets ‘1-Bit Ninja’, Out Now

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Xigma Games has today released Super Nano Jumpers ($1.99), a nifty 2D platformer that feels kind of like a combination of Super Meat Boy and 1-bit Ninja ($2.99). You control a little blue dude, who has to make it through 75 levels full of buzzsaws, spikes, and other familiar platforming hazards. Our blue friend can only run in one direction: forward. But, this blue buddy can also stop at any time…even in mid-air! So, combined with the jump ability, you as the player have to master the timing and jump angles to make it through levels in as few deaths as possible.

It’s a rather challenging game, and it takes a bit to get used to the mechanics, but if you like trial platformers with a great pick up and play factor, this is the game for you. Plus, I’m really excited to see studios from India like the Bangalore-based Xigma Games putting out some great stuff. India is a huge market for mobile games, Eli was excited by this game when he saw it back in 2015, and I’d love to see more developers from around the world, and in markets that haven’t necessarily had a western presence, put out more quality titles that are competitive with anyone on the globe.

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