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Noodlecake’s ‘Flipping Legend’ Backflips Onto the App Store on June 14th

Noodlecake just released Bouncy Hoops (Free), but the releases from the prolific publisher continue unabated. Next up for them is Flipping Legend, a game that Jared in particular was a fan of back at GDC. Developed by Hiding Spot Games, this title promises simple gameplay with surprising depth. You tap left and right on the screen to jump diagonally forward in that direction, with the ability to backflip onto the previous square. You can bop enemies, which will refill your ever-draining health bar. Each character will have special abilities to help take on the foes ahead of them, which you’ll need as you’ll have to work ever more efficiently to stay alive.

What’s interesting is that there’s a whole custom skill tree for each character, with customizations and upgrades to various abilities. This does have the potential to be a lot deeper than most endless games, and GDC impressions were really strong. Check out our hands-on video from the show:

I’m also impressed by the visuals, which manage to combine voxels with some well-done effects in a 3D world, to make the game look like it’s a low-resolution pixel art game, with signs of just that art throughout the experience. It’s an interesting combo, to say the least, and I’m interested to see for myself how this all shakes out when the game releases on June 14th.