‘Guns of Mercy’ Set to Get a Full Campaign Mode in the Next Few Days

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Guns of Mercy (Free) is a side-scrolling arena shooter that launched in early March and showed plenty of promise, but was weighed down by various bugs and design decisions. Developer Storybird instantly sprung into action though, and released a series of quick updates to the point that when we finally had a chance to review it in early May it was completely changed for the better. The updates had still been coming strong even after getting the game into a stabilized state, and based on what Storybird has posted in our forums this week the best of Guns of Mercy is still yet to come. A full-fledged multiple path Campaign Mode is on the way and you can see a bit of it in action in this new trailer.

This appears to be a more traditional side-scrolling mode that ditches the wave-based progression and single-screen levels. Never fear, though, as the gameplay as it currently is will remain and is being renamed Rogue Mode. Guns of Mercy is probably the strongest “one more try" game I’ve come across recently with its fantastic unlock and upgrade systems, but the core gameplay is definitely strong enough to support a more typical action game. The Campaign Mode is said to contain dozens of levels and new bosses, and new weapons and abilities. Storybird also says that “New campaigns will be added regularly" so it looks set up to go on for as long as there remains interest. The update should be coming in “a few days" so keep an eye out for that little red bubble on your App Store icon.

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