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‘Love You To Bits’ Creator Alike Studio Announce Adorable New Game ‘Bring You Home’

While it took more than two years from its original announcement before arriving in our hot little hands, Alike Studio’s painfully charming point and click adventure Love You To Bits ($3.99) was more than worth the wait when it arrived in February of last year. The following July an update added new levels and continued the story, and just this past month another update arrived which concluded the Love You To Bits story. It was bittersweet seeing it come to an end, but that also meant that Alike Studio was now free to work on new projects, and today they’ve taken to Twitter to announce their new game called Bring You Home.

According to the video’s description, “Bring You Home tells the story of a humble alien hero that will traverse multiple worlds in a frenetic chase with the goal of retrieving his kidnapped alien pet. The game is a cute & accessible, purely visual, family friendly puzzle adventure… with a gameplay twist." Sounds somewhat similar to the premise of Love You To Bits, where Kosmo scoured the galaxy in search of the various bits of his robot girlfriend Nova, but I’m definitely interested to hear what that “gameplay twist" might be. Interestingly, Bring You Home will be published by The Label, the new premium gaming publishing initiative that’s the brainchild of Robert Bowling and funded by FunPlus. Alike says that Bring You Home will be launching this fall and based on their previous work with Love You To Bits as well as the now defunct Tiny Thief I really can’t wait.