‘Love You to Bits’ Update Concludes the Story Between Kosmo and Nova

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We love Love you to Bits ($3.99) to bits (sorry), so we are quite glad to see more content come to the game but, sadly, it’s also content that concludes the game’s story. According to the developers, the update brings us the ending of the story between Kosmo and Nova, and you’ll get to find out whether Nova will wake up once for all. Specifically, the update brings new levels—A Mall of Zombies, The Last Piece, and Ending—along with new achievements. And, as it usually the case, the update also fixes some minor level and achievement bugs.

If you haven’t played Love You to Bits yet, it’s the spiritual successor to the excellent Tiny Thief and is a wonderful journey filled with adorable characters and fun puzzles. It truly is lovely, as many of our forum members readily point out.

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