‘Love You To Bits’ Update with Two New Levels and iCloud Syncing is Now Available

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It was just last week we learned that adorable point-and-click adventure Love You To Bits ($3.99) would be getting two brand new levels and iCloud syncing, and today that update has gone live in the App Store. Love You To Bits was a story about a space explorer searching the galaxy to collect all the parts of his robot girlfriend, who had been blown to bits. It was created by some of the same people who made the wonderful (and sadly now defunct) Tiny Thief, and felt like an appropriate spiritual successor to that title.

The only real downside was that Love You To Bits wasn’t a terribly long game, so these two new levels, titled Nest in the Forest and An Adventure in Black and White, should go towards rectifying that nicely. Plus, developers Pat.io and Alike Studio are already working on even more new levels for the game, which I’m terribly excited about. If you somehow didn’t check out Love You To Bits when it released in February, I’d highly recommend it if you love charming adventure games. If you’re already a fan, the time has come to fire the game back up and check out the brand new levels.

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