‘Pathfinder Adventures’ Getting ‘Rise of the Goblins’ Content Based on ‘We Be Goblins’

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It’s been a while since we got new content for the great Pathfinder Adventures (Free) game, but it looks like we’re getting some new scenarios in the (hopefully near) future. As announced during PaizoCon 2017, Pathfinder Adventures is getting 5 new scenarios inspired by We Be Goblins/Season of the Goblins, 2 new playable characters Ranzal and Poog, new asymmetrical goblin dice, and more. We don’t have more information or details yet, but I’m glad to see more content coming to the game. Pathfinder Adventures will be coming to PC as well, which is good news in terms of more revenue and, hopefully, even more content.

If you don’t know what We Be Goblins is, it’s a new module for Pathfinder that brings a horde of malicious and murderous goblins to the game. The story has Licktoad goblins of Brinestump March stumbling upon a great treasure, fireworks, and now the greatest heroes of the tribe need to go get the rest of the fireworks from a derelict shop. And in order to prove themselves, the bravest goblins will need to complete a serious of dangerous dares, including swallowing bull slugs. Fun stuff!

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