‘Yankai’s Peak’ is Kenny Sun’s Love Letter to Pyramids, Out Now

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Kenny Sun has a solid track record of weird kinda-puzzle games, and he’s made a follow-up to last year’s great Yankai’s Triangle ($2.99) with Yankai’s Peak ($3.99). This one has you manipulating pyramids, as you try to push your pyramid through mazes full of other pyramids. You can attach to a pivot point in order to push different pyramids around. Getting the proper pyramids into the proper pyramid places is the purpose of this portable product.

Kenny Sun calls this a “love letter to PYRAMIDS" and says it has “pretty cool gameplay." Which, yeah, I can see it. He also says it’s got a sick intro, which is certainly something (he’s enlisted every Sun he could find to work on this game, it seems). Plus, there’s no IAP to be found here, and taptic feedback on iPhone 7 devices. Yankai’s Peak is another interesting title from the Circa Infinity (Free) creator, and one sure to have plenty of surprises up its sleeve. Check out the forum thread for the game.


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