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Action-Packed ‘Laser Kitty Pow Pow’ Looking for Testers in Our Forums

Even if I hadn’t seen any videos or screenshots of Laser Kitty Pow Pow, I still would have been interested based solely on the name, especially given my love for cats. The good news is that the game seems like quite a lot of fun, and not just for its kitty theme. You play as a cat who’s mastered the ancient technique of shooting laser from his eyes (which, I’m sure, is the next step in kitty evolution) and now stands against endless legions of enemies coming from all sides. There are six armies trying to rage-smash the world, and only you can stop them.

How do you do so? As you can see in the trailer below, you have to keep moving around and shooting at all those enemies coming at you at a frantic pace. To help in your noble mission, you get to unlock and upgrade all kinds of cat-laser powers as well as gain access to all kinds of crazy kitties, including Tim the Tailor. The game is looking for beta testers in our forums, so go check out Laser Kitty Pow Pow.