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The Upcoming ‘Pocket Claw’ Provides Claw Machine Fun, Without Draining Your Pockets of Quarters

I doubt I’m alone on this, but throughout my life I’ve definitely been guilty of dumping a dumb amount of quarters into claw machines to get stupid prizes I honestly don’t even need. As an adult, through the marvels of the internet, I’ve since learned what an unbelievable scam these claw machines are… But, do you think that stops me from still playing them? Of course not, because I’m an idiot. The perfect compromise here is scratching the claw machine itch, on my phone, without spending tons of money for some sawdust-stuffed Spongebob. Well, there’s where Pocket Claw comes in. Check out the trailer:

The whole thing is pretty clever. Magic Cube has developed a whole load of games on the App Store, and each is packed with a bunch of unique (but similarly styled) characters. Those characters have all been tossed into Pocket Claw, and players both collect the characters and different claw machines that are themed after their extensive library of games. I suppose just having a claw machine is a pretty basic thing for a game, but the history of the App Store is filled with games that are incredibly basic, but through loads of unlockables and collectables somehow become incredibly compelling?

Back when coin-pushers were all the rage I played a ton of those, and I’m pretty sure I either had everything (or close to everything) unlocked in the classic iOS game Ramp Champ. In all those games, collecting and unlocking is the gameplay, so I have a feeling that same itch will be scratched here. For more information on Pocket Claw, head into our forums. Otherwise, it’ll be available for free in early June.