‘Soccer Physics’ Developer Otto-Ville Ojala Makes All His iOS Games Free Until Delisting on May 28th

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Otto-Ville Ojala is someone whose name you should know, because Soccer Physics (Free) has been a tremendously popular game for years now. It’s one of the great examples of the wacky physics sports genre that has seen countless imitators. But if you haven’t played it, or if you have, then you might want to get on that right away. Ojala is quitting as an iOS game developer once his Apple developer membership expires on May 28th, which means all his games are going away. However, you can pick them up for free right now:

And for Soccer Physics, Ojala’s website has special PC builds and an Android version available for playing and archiving. I’m sad to see Ojala and his titles go, but it appears his Twitter is gone, and maybe he just wants to disconnect from this gaming world entirely and do something different after the success he’s seen in mobile gaming. I’d download these games via desktop iTunes and keep the IPAs safe, friends.

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