Casual Strategy Game ‘Heroes Above: Sky Clash’ Is Now Available Worldwide

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Heroes Above: Sky Clash (Free), the casual, squad-based strategy game that mostly takes place across battling airships, has, well, flown out of beta and launched worldwide today. Heroes Above has you training and evolving various heroes as you strive to create the best squad you can. As is usually the case in games like this one, you get to pick from a variety of troop types as you try to customize the game to fit your play style.

And, of course, you’ll get to expand your island to gather more resources, get new, cooler warships, and battle other players in order to grab their resources. The game does offer tile-based real-time battle across warships, which is a nice change from many other games of this type. The game is free to play, so go give it a shot if it sounds like something you would enjoy playing.

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    "In a game, I really love PVP and having to strategize against a mind of another player. Heroes Above does just that." -…
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