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‘Combat Squad’ Tactical Mobile FPS from Former ‘Counter-Strike Online’ Developers Soft Launches in Singapore

A-33 Studio is a “game development company founded by the key developers from Counter-Strike Online" and they’re hoping to put that experience to use in the mobile realm with a project they’ve been working on since 2014 called Combat Squad: Project Wednesday. First-person shooters on touchscreen have always been pretty hit or miss, but A-33 is trying to solve that by creating one with enough options that it should please most FPS fans. They do this with a simplified control scheme and the ability to turn auto-fire on and off at will. The other interesting thing that stands out to me about Combat Squad is that you play on a squad of 5 different characters, but you can switch and control any of them at any time while the ones you aren’t controlling are handled by the AI. Check out a couple of videos of Combat Squad, the first a more general trailer and the second a lengthier straight gameplay video.

Combat Squad has just soft-launched in Singapore on both iOS and Android, and I’ve spent a few minutes checking it out and really like what I’ve seen so far. The controls are really good with quite a few options to tweak them to your liking, and the ability to switch between any of your 5 squad members at will adds a cool twist to normal FPS gameplay. There are also a ton of options in terms of graphics and framerate settings so you can find something that suits whatever device you’re on. It’s a free to play game, but I haven’t really come across anything that feels like it would break the balance, though like I said I’ve only played around with it for a little while. I’m encouraged though, and if you’ve got access to a Singapore iTunes account you can give Combat Squad a spin for yourself using the links below, and be sure to drop by the forum thread to share your impressions.

Singapore iOS App Store Link: Combat Squad (By A-33 Studio), Free

Singapore Google Play Link: Combat Squad (By A-33 Studio), Free