‘Clash of Clans’ Latest ‘Captain’s Log’ Teaser Reveals Even Less Than the Previous Ones

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Supercell continues to tease the huge upcoming Clash of Clans (Free) update, but the way it’s doing so is on the questionable side. Captain’s Log Day 3: Passing Time is full of ocean blue and a barely talking Hog Rider and nothing else, so it’s no wonder that reddit users are frustrated with the way Supercell is going about teasing this update. The developer is known for giving us a ton of sneak peeks prior to updates, so these pretty vapid teasers aren’t really doing the game any favors. Of course you could go all Sherlock on this short video and try and find some hints about the new update, but good luck with that.

So, we are three teasers in so far and still don’t know much about what’s beyond those shores. Have you figured out what we’re about to get, or as you as clueless as the rest of the internet seems to be?

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