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Real-Time Tactics Game ‘Minions & Mayhem’ Coming in June,

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Minions & Mayhem is a real-time tactics game that will be crossing over from China this June. The game focuses on PvP battles and has you building an army using units such as knights, wizards, priests but also snipers and ninjas, because everyone needs their wizards protected by a ninjas. You then support that army with minions from a variety of races like human, orc, mechanic, elemental, and so on. As you can guess, the various combinations of troops have all kinds of strengths and weaknesses.

As you can see from the trailer below, the gameplay looks like many similar web games. However, it looks like this one is more strategic than your average real-time game, although we’ll see how it actually plays once the game releases. The game will come with the usual fare of guilds and other similar features, but it will also have 2v2 battles, which should be fun. If you preregister, you’ll get an in-game reward and might also be invited to join the closed beta.

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