‘Warfriends’ Latest Update Adds Skirmish, Improves Leagues, and More

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Warfriends (Free) continues to be a very popular game partly because of how fun the battles can be, and the latest update should make the game even better. Update 1.3 adds a new Skirmish mode that allows you to quickly earn XP and loot. You start with 5 Skirmishes, and once you tap the Skirmish button, they are all instantly used and take 48 minutes each to recharge. And, of course, you can pay gold to recharge your Skirmishes. As you can imagine, this is another way for the developers to make money in what is a very choreographed payment model. Also, the game now has a redesigned energy indicator that shows you what’s going in in the Battlefield.

The new update has also changed all of the game’s leagues in all kinds of ways, from reward points to how often they reset. And, of course, the update improves quite a few little problems that you can check out here.

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