‘Clash of Clans’ Captain’s Log Day 2 Teaser Is All About New Friends

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Today we got another Clash of Clans (Free) update teaser, and this one revealed ever less than previous teasers. Captain’s Log Day 2 is called New Friends and is all about how Hog Rider is looking forward to making friends once he and the rest reach the shore. Specifically, he’s thinking of making friends with Skeletons. That’s pretty much all that the teaser is, well, teasing, and some of the Reddit users are starting to get frustrated by the lack of substance in this teasers. On the other hand, they are called teasers, so I guess they are succeeding in their mission. Don’t expect any kinds of sneak peeks like we usually get because Supercell has decided not to use that tactic for this update.

It looks like we might be getting some kind of alliances or combos, but again, it’s hard to tease anything useful out of these teasers. What would you want to see out of this update, and have you figured out what this teasing might be all about?

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