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The Upcoming ‘Clouds Above’ Is a Serene Game About Growing a Tree

The upcoming Clouds Above is for those who enjoy introspection, serenity, and a bit of zen in their games. The game is being developed by Daniel Zeszut and is all about growing a tree as high as possible, discovering lovely environments as you go higher and higher. According to our Upcoming Games forum thread, the game is easy to learn and, of course, hard to master and is played with one finger. I like the idea of discovering a vertical world, which is a nice change from most other games.

What I really like is the art style and music, which you can see in the trailer above. The minimalist art lets you focus on your growing tree, and the setting sun works well with the whole concept of the game. The game should release at some point next month and will be free with ads. If you want to talk to the developer about Clouds Above, hop over to our forum thread.