Noodlecake Puts A Bunch of Games on $0.99 Flash Sale for No Real Reason

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Sometimes there’s a good reason for games to go on sale. Usually a holiday, or an aniversary, or something similar. But Noodlecake has decided to do a sale just for the heck of it. They didn’t use the word heck, but this is a quasi-family-friendly website, so y’know, you figure out what they might have said. Let’s call it a Cinco de Mayo sale. The point is that they’ve got five games on sale for iOS for only $0.99 until Tuesday, May 9th:

Now, if you’re on Android, instead of Joinz and Dig Deep, Wayward Souls and The Executive are on sale for $0.99. They’re not on sale on iOS because Noodlecake has the publishing rights on Android thanks to doing the ports. You’ll have to pay…regular price. Mwuhahahahahahaha!

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