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Retro-Style MMORPG Dungeon Crawler ‘Bit Heroes’ Arriving May 11th

During GDC this year we met up with the folks from Kongregate to check out the iOS version of their popular Flash MMORPG dungeon crawler Bit Heroes, and we really enjoyed what we saw at that time. In fact Bit Heroes had been soft-launched in the Philippines since mid-February, and based on the impressions in our forums, the people playing the soft-launched version were really enjoying it, and those who didn’t have a Philippines iTunes account and weren’t playing it sure seemed to like the look of it and wished that they were. Well, if you’re in that latter group, good news! Bit Heroes is all set for a worldwide launch next Thursday, May 11th.

Bit Heroes is all about collecting a team of heroes, even persuading enemies and bosses in the dungeons to join your cause and fight by your side. There’s also an emphasis on crafting and collecting loot in the game, with “thousands" of weapons, armors, and more waiting to be discovered. Alongside some single-player quests is the ability to go online and partake in PvP battling, Raids, and special weekly events. If you’re into all these things and more, then Bit Heroes should be right up your alley when it arrives next Thursday.