‘Faeria’ Looking for Beta Testers for the Phone Version of the Game

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The strategy card game Faeria (Free) offers a fun alternative to most other App Store CCGs, and now it’s getting ready to jump from your tablets to your phones. When the game came out on tablets, it had quite a few issues, but to the credit of the developers, they went about improving the game quite a bit. Now, they are working on bringing the game to your phones, which I know many of you had asked for. If you’re interested in participating in a one-week beta test on either iOS and Android, you can go here and apply. The early access (which is what they’re calling the beta) will run until May 15th and will be available for iPhones with iOS 10 and up and Android phones and tablets with Android 6+.

Because the developers will only be allowing 2000 Testflight users, they’ll be enforcing some rules to ensure they get the best feedback they can. Those rules can be found here, so if you’re hoping to help them test the game, make sure you abide by those rules. You can go chat with other Faeria players in our forums.

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