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Beautiful Samurai-Inspired Runner ‘SumiKen’ Slashes Onto the App Store May 11th

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When SumiKen was first announced back in February, it managed to stand out despite its status as yet another runner on the App Store. Rather than some superfluous gimmick or feature that had been shoehorned in, SumiKen was noteworthy because of its stunning art style that was reminiscent of sumi-e Japanese ink wash paintings, and this aesthetic permeated into the game’s design and mechanics. With seven characters, all with their own unique ‘Ink Mode’ ability that allows them to cut through enemies with ease, SumiKen quite literally caught the eye, and is finally being released on May 11th for $1.99 on the App Store.

Since the title was initially revealed, developer OPNeon has been keeping the iOS community up to date with the development of SumiKen, releasing numerous insightful development diaries that have illustrated the inception and evolution of the game. Citing 2006 PS2 classic Okami and its beautiful graphical style as a major inspiration, the developer detailed how the game was originally on the cusp of cancellation in October 2016, but many hours of impressive solo development in their spare time brought SumiKen back from the brink. The new launch trailer details the fruits of OPNeon’s labor, and with 150 missions and numerous hazards to navigate through the beautiful monochromatic levels, SumiKen perfectly encapsulates the indie developer appeal and accessibility of the App Store as a platform. Visit our forum thread for more details on SumiKen, and look out for this samurai-inspired runner next Thursday.

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