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‘SumiKen’ Is an Endless Samurai Slasher With a Lovely Art Style

Sometimes all a game needs for a good first impression is an art style that stands out, despite the gameplay being on the formulaic side. The upcoming SumiKen is definitely one of those games. As you can see from the trailer below, the art style evokes traditional Japanese ink brush artworks, and it looks quite nice. Endless runners aren’t the most rare of genres on the App Store, but SumiKen seems to have enough backing up the art style to make it worth your time.

In order to survive the 150 missions, you’ll have to learn to swipe accurately and take advantage of the game’s Ink mode, a special skill that allows you to take down more enemies. As you complete missions, you’ll get to meet six more characters – ranging from Samurai to Ninjas – which bring their own Ink modes to the table. If you want to see more about the game’s development as well as chat with the developer himself, hit our Upcoming Games forum thread.