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‘Run-A-Whale’ Gets Stunning New Trailer, Launching Next Week on May 11th

It’s hard to believe that we last took a look at Run-A-Whale all the way back in September of last year. Where DOES the time go? At that time this gorgeous whale-riding endless runner was only getting worked on in bits and pieces in the free time that solo developer Guillaume Loquin could spare between day jobs, family, and all that other junk. It had no planned release window in sight, but personally I was hoping it wouldn’t take too long, and that it would be finished at all, unlike so many other passion project games. Anyway, here we are about 7 months later and Run-A-Whale has indeed been completed, and best of all it’s coming really soon, like next Thursday soon. Check out this incredible new launch trailer.

It’s that level of art, music, and animations that make me question if I’m gearing up to play a little game on my phone or sitting down to watch a blockbuster animated movie. Seriously, Run-A-Whale gives me that vibe. As far as endless runners go, I’m also really digging the launch-out-of-the-water style of play and of course the skateboarding-on-the-back-of-a-freaking-whale stuff. It all looks quite awesome and it’s pretty rare for me to get so excited about an endless runner nowadays. If you like the look of Run-A-Whale yourself, check out the forum thread for some discussion and give it a download when it launches next Thursday, May 11th for just 99¢.