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‘Run-A-Whale’ Promises to Make All Your “Skateboarding on the Back of a Whale” Dreams Come True

title“So you’re making a new auto-runner, eh? Well, it better do something pretty cool if you want to get my attention. Wait… holy crap, you ride a whale like a freaking skateboard? Ok, tell me more!" That is a glimpse into the inner dialogue that took place in my head as I read the email for Run-A-Whale, a passion project of the past two years from solo developer Guillaume Loquin. Even if you’re like me, and the thought of yet another auto-runner makes your stomach queasy, I don’t think you can deny how absolutely gorgeous Run-A-Whale looks in this latest reveal trailer below. As you’ll see, there are two main types of gameplay in Run-A-Whale. In some parts you’re diving below the water and then using your momentum and buoyancy to burst through the surface and into the air to collect coins, avoid obstacles, or take out enemies. Then there are times when you’ll pop up onto a deck or other solid ground and literally skateboard on the back of the whale. Freaking awesome.

Run-A-Whale was actually revealed on our forums back in June of last year, and it’s fun to scroll through that thread and see the various updates and the evolution of the game in the time since it’s announcement. The art style and animations are wonderful, and it’s enough to have me sold on playing a new endless runner. Kudos for that. There’s no firm launch date yet for Run-A-Whale, as it only gets worked on in bits and pieces of free time between Loquin’s normal day job. It certainly looks like it’s shaping up very well though, and you can follow along with the development in the aforementioned forum thread, the game’s official website, or on Loquin’s Twitter account.