‘Pokemon GO’ Will Run Community Events In Collaboration With the Knight Foundation

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Pokemon GO (Free) continues to find ways to entertain its players, and the latest series of events will be quite fun for various communities. Niantic has formed a partnership with the Knight Foundation, a foundation that invests in local journalism and local arts, to help bring communities together and promote civic engagement through the use of Augmented Reality. This collaboration will start out on May 7th in Charlotte, North Carolina as part of the Open Streets 704 event and will take place over a 2.5 mile area. During this event, players will have 16 PokeStops and 2 Gyms at various sites along that 2.5 mile area. Through this event, players will be encouraged to congregate in this community and interact with each other and the city itself.

The Charlotte, North Carolina event will be the first of many similar to come, and hopefully one of these events will come to an area near you. While Niantic doesn’t specify which other communities will get to experience this event, it does point out that over this year they will visit several cities where Knight Foundation supports community engagement. So if you’re a Charlotte, North Carolina resident, get ready for May 7th.

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