Zynga’s ‘Crosswords With Friends’ Has Launched Globally, Prepare to Test Your Pop Culture Knowledge

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If you’ve been missing some crosswords in your life, Zynga has come to the rescue with Crosswords with Friends (Free), its newest casual game that should keep plenty of people busy. Crosswords with Friends is a collaboration with People Magazine that aims to bring the magazine’s popular crosswords over to iOS and Android. The crosswords are focused on pop culture, so expect questions about the worlds’ most beautiful people, red carpet events, and other similar categories. In other words, the game is clearly targeting younger players, who are more immersed into pop culture than most.

The game offers a new crossword each day, and you’ll also be able to solve many other crosswords from previous days. In terms of challenge, it will be all about trying to solve your crosswords faster than your friends. And the game is launching both as a regular app and as an iMessage app. The game is out now and is, of course, free.

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