‘Phoenix II’ 2.3 Update Adds Revives and New Mission Content

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We first reviewed Phoenix II (Free) almost a year ago now, and the game has changed significantly since then through rapid-fire updates. The latest, version 2.3 is available now on the App Store and aside from some bug fixes and tweaks, adds two new improvements. First off is revives, which (like many other games) are easy to earn in game, but if you’re running low you can also buy them from the in-game store. Additionally, mission generation has been improved which should lead to far more varied mission content that the game throws at you.

Phoenix II has had a huge following on our forums, so feel free to jump in there if you’ve never heard of this game and want more information beyond the review I linked earlier. Otherwise, if you’re a veteran Phoenix II player but haven’t been into the game in a while, give the missions another spin with this new update.

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