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Shocker of the Century: ‘Gwent’ May Come to Mobile

CD Projekt RED has been working on a standalone version of Gwent, the card game of Witcher fame. It had yet to be announced for mobile, but it really felt like it was an obvious move. Mostly, because every card game of note that hits PC eventually comes to mobile because the platform is perfect for the genre. And hey, nothing quite like using Touch ID to pay for those card packs for that frictionless experience. CD Projekt RED has yet to confirm the mobile version, but they do have a job posting for a programmer specifically with skills in “mobile game development and operating systems." Hmm!

Well done, internet sleuths, how would we live without you? I for one, am shocked, shocked that CD Projekt RED would be considering a mobile version of Gwent. I mean, maybe it won’t happen depending on how the desktop and console versions perform, but I mean, it makes too much sense for it to not happen. And if you’re a game developer in Poland, or are willing to relocate to Poland, check out the job listing.