Drone-Operated ‘Fruit Ninja’ Looks as Safe as You Imagine It Would

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Fruit Ninja (Free) was one of those early classic mobile games that most of us got to play at least for a bit. I still see people playing it, although mostly the young ones, and have often seen people use it as a gateway drug of sorts to help people familiarize themselves with mobile gaming. Apparently, the era of the drone has enabled people to turn the venerable game into a real-life event; all that was required was a drone, a huge razor, and plenty of fruit. As you can see in the video below, YouTuber Giaco Whatever decided to put life and limb at risk to offer us a glimpse of both Fruit Ninja in real life but also of the terrifying future that awaits us.

The video is definitely fun to watch, and it got me thinking what other mobile games we could turn into reality using drones. I think the best thing to do is combine Giaco Whatever’s drone with a human running in a straight line; we’ll call it an “almost endless runner."

[via Gizmodo]

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